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Note that the mailing address above is for a UPS Store mailbox, not a retail location.

Where Do I Pick-Up My Prints or Discuss an Order ? has no retail store and we realize that can inconvenience certain customers. In return we offer low prices, free delivery, and exceptional phone and email response. We are capable of visiting your place of business when necessary.

The fact that we choose to not operate a retail print business deserves explanation.

Until recently the founders of were in the retail print business. We enjoyed greeting and talking to our walk-in customers. But we noticed those unscheduled interruptions came at the expense of the quality of our work.

But there is a bigger problem. And that is the challenge of getting all operations under one roof. Consider the following:

  • 1. Prepress employees need a quiet environment where they can focus.
  • 2. The Pressman needs an environment where he can run noisy equipment and yell swear words.
  • 3. Sensitive (and expensive) digital printers are damaged by the power fluctuations caused by pressroom motors, cutter relays, etc.
  • 4. Customer service representatives needed an environment quiet enough for professional conversations.
  • 5. All artwork and conversations with customers needs to be kept confidential from their competitors who might walk-in at any time.

And all of the above needs to be in high-priced retail space accompanied by an expensive build-out. Furthermore, theft insurance rates are higher because the equipment in public space. Then there is slip-and-fall insurance and all the other hazards to cover when you welcome the public to walk into a production facility.

When we realized that we couldn't achieve our full potential in the retail world, we first questioned our competence. After all there are many successful retail print businesses. What were they doing so different ?

It turns out they weren't so different.

Most printers rank low in customer satisfaction and examples were everywhere. In the book,"Copy This!", Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea laments about haggard managers, chaotic work conditions, and high employee turn-over. Then there are the numerous rants in best-selling-author Harry Beckwith, book "Selling the Invisible".

Whenever Beckwith needed an example of terrible customer service, he would turn to the retail print business. Here are some painful excerpts from that book.

"What makes us think this is a cold, hard world? We get this idea from dealing with services. We get put on hold for six minutes and then told electronically to call-back. We get it from the printer who promises an estimate by noon Thursday, and doesn't call until the following Monday."

he continues...

"Printers, for one wretched example, cannot expect their customers to tolerate service that meets printing industry standards if those industry standards fall below customers' expectations, which they routinely do."

Quality isn't just elusive for us. It is an industry wide problem.

We have spent more time than we care to admit studying the nature of quality. We concluded that..

"Quality comes from focus, peace of mind, and realistic expectations of how long it takes to do things right. To achieve our product quality goals we need 3 to 5 business days to complete your printing. To meet our quality of service goals we choose to focus on exceptional phone, e-mail, and web-based support.", the managers of

We hope you support and understand our decisions as they are made with our best intentions. Many thanks.